Important information for the night

To ensure the health and safety of all guests, staff and the animals the following rules apply to entry to this event:

Indemnity and release

All persons attending this event will be required to fill out an indemnity and release form. To hasten the entry process you can print and fill out the form prior to entry. To download the form, please click here. All persons under 18 will require a parent or guardian to fill out and sign the form for them.

Those persons that have not filled out the indemnity and release form prior to entry will be asked to do so when they attend the event. Signatures must be handwritten; electronic signatures cannot be accepted.

Supervision information

Boo at the Zoo is a hosted event, however it is not fully supervised. Although there will be plenty of staff and helpers, at no time will staff or volunteers be available to care for children. Parents/ adult guardians must attend the event and take full responsibility for and supervision of their children.

To ensure the safety of all guests at least 1 adult for every 3 children will be required to attend the event – this will be required during booking.

Age information

To ensure the safety of children at the event an ‘adult’ is described as a person over the age of 18. All persons under the age of 18 will deemed children and require an adult guardian to attend. Children under 4 are unable to participate in the animal feeds due to zoo safety regulations, however they can touch the small reptiles that will be brought out for the evening and can join games, competitions and craft.


Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds once the purchase of tickets has been confirmed. If you are unable to attend the event you are welcome to sell or pass on your tickets, however you will need to email us this information and the new ticket holders personal information must be supplied.


The gates for this event will open at 5;30pm sharp. To enable you to enter the event as quickly as possible we ask that you ensure you have your tickets and indemnity and release forms for all of the people attending (including under 18’s and under 4’s). The event will run from 5:30pm until 8:00pm, and we will have animal feeds and games running throughout the evening, however as the animals at the zoo are wild we cannot guarantee any particular animal will come over for feeds. Also once a feed time is complete we cannot allow further feeds. It is up to the individual to ensure that they are at the correct place and time to attend feeds and games.